NDI — Net­work Device Interface

NDI (Net­work Device Inter­face) is a pro­to­col deve­lo­ped by New­Tek for the trans­mis­si­on of high-qua­­­li­­­ty video and audio signals via an Ether­net net­work.  Stream­box­stu­di­os uti­li­zes the advan­ta­ges of NDI, depen­ding on the task and local con­di­ti­ons: High-qua­­­li­­­ty video: NDI sup­ports the trans­mis­si­on of high-qua­­­li­­­ty video signals up to a reso­lu­ti­on of 4K wit­hout loss of […]


Slido is a plat­form for inter­ac­ting with the audi­ence — both on site and digi­tal­ly. Slido can be used to crea­te sur­veys, ques­ti­ons and ans­wers, quiz­zes and word clouds. Some of the advan­ta­ges of using Slido are: Increased audi­ence enga­ge­ment: Slido enables pre­sen­ters to enga­ge with their audi­ence in real time, encou­ra­ging par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on and making the […]

Clear advan­ta­ge

Live­strea­ming con­nects, increa­ses reach and is authen­tic. Be con­nec­ted: Live­strea­ming con­nects you with your audi­ence in real time and offers the oppor­tu­ni­ty for imme­dia­te feed­back and inter­ac­tion. This crea­tes a more per­so­nal and enga­ging expe­ri­ence for view­ers and helps build a stron­ger con­nec­tion bet­ween you, your pro­duct, your ser­vice and your cus­to­mers. Expand reach: Livestreaming […]

The future of vir­tu­al events

Mul­­ti-came­ra production

In mul­­­ti-came­ra pro­duc­tion, a sce­ne is shot simul­ta­neous­ly from dif­fe­rent angles. Two or more came­ras are posi­tio­ned around the set or the prot­ago­nists. The resul­ting video foo­ta­ge is com­bi­ned in post-pro­­­duc­­­ti­on to crea­te a polished, seam­less and dyna­mic end pro­duct. At Stream­box­stu­di­os, we work with time­code gene­ra­tors so that the recor­dings can be com­bi­ned seamlessly. […]

Art and cul­tu­re in the live stream

Art and cul­tu­re thri­ve on the reac­tion of the public: applau­se at a con­cert or lec­tu­re, inte­res­ted inqui­ries during an exhi­bi­ti­on or sim­ply the purcha­se of books, pic­tures or sound recor­dings. The Stream­box­stu­di­os team deve­lo­ps indi­vi­du­al con­cepts to make rea­dings, con­certs and exhi­bi­ti­ons acces­si­ble to a wider audi­ence. The­se take into account all rele­vant technical […]

Con­fe­ren­ces and con­gres­ses in the live stream

Do you want to broad­cast your con­fe­rence live on the Inter­net? Stream­box­stu­di­os has a team rea­dy to help and advi­se you with the strea­ming of your event. Live strea­ming of con­fe­ren­ces can help your event to attract more visi­tors than a pure face-to-face event. If you want to gene­ra­te addi­tio­nal inco­me, live strea­ming pro­vi­des you with […]

Sca­ling com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on through streaming

By using live strea­ming, you can sca­le your com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on. Live strea­ming of audio or video con­tent in real time rea­ches in par­ti­cu­lar all tho­se who, for exam­p­le, do not want to make a long jour­ney or can­not come to your face-to-face event for other pro­fes­sio­nal or pri­va­te reasons. If you offer your live­stream via a […]

Divi­ne ser­vice in the live stream

The pan­de­mic has pre­sen­ted many church com­mu­ni­ties with new chal­lenges. How are parishio­ners to be rea­ched when a lar­ge num­ber of rest­ric­tions make it impos­si­ble to meet in per­son in parish halls and for joint church ser­vices? For some paris­hes, this was an almost impos­si­ble task, as they had neither the human nor finan­cial resources […]

Face­book Live Streaming

Have you ever thought about Face­book Live to impro­ve your visi­bi­li­ty on social media? Face­book Live strea­ming gets six times more atten­ti­on than regu­lar vide­os on Face­book and can give your web­site a wel­co­me boost in the Face­book algo­rithm. More and more com­pa­nies are using Face­book Live as an indis­pensable tool to get noti­ced. Facebook […]


No mat­ter how rea­li­stic your sound is, no mat­ter how breath­ta­king the images, no mat­ter how varied and exci­ting the editing, wit­hout a sui­ta­ble enco­der only you will see the result of your work. To crea­te a stream, you need an enco­der. The enco­der takes the audio and video data and com­pres­ses it into a format […]


We recom­mend the use of count­downs for our live streams for good reason: digi­tal par­ti­ci­pan­ts often tune into your chan­nel, for exam­p­le on You­Tube or Vimeo, long befo­re the stream starts so that they don’t miss any­thing. Howe­ver, a stan­ding pic­tu­re does not con­vey anti­ci­pa­ti­on or even exci­te­ment and ten­si­on. Users also do not know […]

Book launch in the livestream

Publi­shing a book is an important and exci­ting time for any aut­hor, and you want to publi­ci­ze your work as wide­ly as pos­si­ble. Live strea­ming allows you to reach a wider audi­ence than “just” the per­so­nal par­ti­ci­pan­ts. With a suc­cessful live­stream, you can expand your fan base and increase sales. Stream­box­stu­di­os can help you put […]

Go live on AMAZON

Ama­zon Live is a live strea­ming plat­form pro­vi­ded by Ama­zon that enables brands and com­pa­nies to pre­sent their pro­ducts and enga­ge with cus­to­mers in real time. Here are some advan­ta­ges of using Ama­zon Live: Increased pro­duct visi­bi­li­ty: Ama­zon Live enables brands to pre­sent their pro­ducts to mil­li­ons of Ama­zon cus­to­mers. This helps to increase pro­duct visi­bi­li­ty and […]

Live­strea­ming and hybrid events 2.0 — one-hit won­der or a gen­re with a future

It was­n’t all that long ago that the terms live­strea­ming and hybrid events were some­thing for tech geeks in the know. Today, in the sum­mer of 2022, most of us can sing a song about vir­tu­al mee­tings with ZOOM, MS Teams or WebEx. The ver­ses deal with web­cams and micro­pho­nes, band­widths and net­work con­nec­tions, green […]

Vir­tu­al events are valuable

The lear­ning cur­ve in 2020–22 was steep. One of the most important fin­dings is that vir­tu­al events are not a stop­gap solu­ti­on, but can offer real added value. Time is rela­ti­ve: the tran­si­ti­on from purely face-to-face events to digi­tal, hybrid, vir­tu­al events does not mean trans­fer­ring ever­y­thing to the digi­tal world on a 1:1 sca­le. A […]

The future of lear­ning: EdTech

New tech­no­lo­gies have an impact on the way we teach and learn. The term “EdTech” (Edu­ca­tio­nal Tech­no­lo­gy) stands for the­se chan­ges. It covers the deve­lo­p­ment and imple­men­ta­ti­on of digi­tal tools, plat­forms and resour­ces that are used to sup­port edu­ca­tio­nal pro­ces­ses. The­se include online lear­ning plat­forms, edu­ca­tio­nal soft­ware, digi­tal text­books and mobi­le appli­ca­ti­ons. EdTech can also […]

NDI|HX 3: Qua­li­ty and lower latency

NDI|HX 3 offers the abili­ty to pro­vi­de low laten­cy and redu­ced band­width trans­mis­si­on while main­tai­ning the visual­ly los­sless stan­dards that NDI users demand. This allows users to deli­ver broad­cast qua­li­ty video in any envi­ron­ment wit­hout having to upgrade their tech­no­lo­gy. “The diver­se ways in which NDI part­ners and users app­ly the stan­dard and inte­gra­te it […]


Secu­re Relia­ble Trans­port (SRT) and Net­work Device Inter­face (NDI) stand for AV-over-IP solu­ti­ons that enable high-qua­­­li­­­ty video trans­mis­si­on with low laten­cy, but still ser­ve dif­fe­rent appli­ca­ti­ons.  SRT has an inte­gra­ted two-way return chan­nel that trans­mits essen­ti­al per­for­mance infor­ma­ti­on during strea­ming. This enables the pro­to­col to detect and rec­ti­fy pro­blems. To use SRT, the enco­der and […]

Walk on red — stand on green

Many peo­p­le are not used to it, some igno­re it com­ple­te­ly: the tal­ly light. A small light abo­ve the came­ra lights up in eit­her red or green and indi­ca­tes the per­spec­ti­ve from which the pic­tu­re is or will be taken. Red means “recor­ding”, green means “pre­pa­ra­ti­on”. And it’s not like in road traf­fic. Desk­top microphones […]