Art and cul­tu­re in the live stream

Art and cul­tu­re thri­ve on the reac­tion of the public: applau­se at a con­cert or lec­tu­re, inte­res­ted inqui­ries during an exhi­bi­ti­on or sim­ply the purcha­se of books, pic­tures or sound recor­dings.

The Stream­box­stu­di­os team deve­lo­ps indi­vi­du­al con­cepts to make rea­dings, con­certs and exhi­bi­ti­ons acces­si­ble to a wider audi­ence. The­se take into account all rele­vant tech­ni­cal as well as all neces­sa­ry mone­ta­ry aspects. Artists choo­se whe­ther and how access to their offe­rings should be regu­la­ted.

Depen­ding on the type of event, the resul­ting audio and video recor­dings can be used for spe­cial offers such as video-on-demand or pod­casts. From pure docu­men­ta­ti­on to enti­re con­cert recor­dings — ever­y­thing is conceivable.

Con­fe­ren­ces and con­gres­ses in the live stream

Do you want to broad­cast your con­fe­rence live on the Inter­net? Stream­box­stu­di­os has a team rea­dy to help and advi­se you with the strea­ming of your event.

Live strea­ming of con­fe­ren­ces can help your event to attract more visi­tors than a pure face-to-face event. If you want to gene­ra­te addi­tio­nal inco­me, live strea­ming pro­vi­des you with sui­ta­ble oppor­tu­ni­ties to earn money with digi­tal participants.

You can also get many other bene­fits from a con­fe­rence live­stream, including:

  • Simp­le remo­te participation
  • No tra­vel cos­ts for the participants
  • Redu­ced CO2 foot­print of the participants
  • fewer sche­du­ling problems

We want to help you orga­ni­ze your con­fe­rence com­ple­te­ly or par­ti­al­ly vir­tual­ly. This bene­fits, for exam­p­le, par­ti­ci­pan­ts who are unable to attend on site for sche­du­ling or finan­cial reasons, but who can still be the­re from any­whe­re in the world thanks to the strea­ming ser­vice.

Vir­tu­al par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on also offers a solid con­ver­si­on rate: vir­tu­al par­ti­ci­pan­ts will attend future events.

Which plat­form is sui­ta­ble for your event?

You may want to use a plat­form on which you alre­a­dy have the grea­test reach. Howe­ver, not all plat­forms offer you the fea­tures you need for the most pro­fes­sio­nal live strea­ming con­fe­rence. Stream­box­stu­di­os can not only help you choo­se the right plat­form. We can pro­vi­de you with our mul­ti­strea­ming ser­vice so that you are visi­ble on seve­ral plat­forms at the same time.

To rea­li­ze a pro­fes­sio­nal live stream for con­fe­ren­ces, you need pro­fes­sio­nal equip­ment. The­se include

  • Came­ras with dif­fe­rent focal lengths
  • Powerful cap­tu­re cards
  • atmo­sphe­ric lighting
  • High-qua­li­ty wire­less microphones
  • Relia­ble encoders
  • Cable-based net­work connection
  • Sta­ble Inter­net connection

It is important that your con­fe­rence has opti­ons that pro­vi­de the best user expe­ri­ence for your ana­log and digi­tal view­ers alike.

Divi­ne ser­vice in the live stream

The pan­de­mic has pre­sen­ted many church com­mu­ni­ties with new chal­lenges. How are parishio­ners to be rea­ched when a lar­ge num­ber of rest­ric­tions make it impos­si­ble to meet in per­son in parish halls and for joint church ser­vices?

For some paris­hes, this was an almost impos­si­ble task, as they had neither the human nor finan­cial resour­ces to respond ade­qua­te­ly. As a result, the offer remain­ed a fuse­la­ge offer.

Other muni­ci­pa­li­ties saw the pan­de­mic as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to dri­ve for­ward the digi­ta­liza­ti­on of their own ser­vices. They made a vir­tue out of neces­si­ty and began broad­cas­ting the Sun­day church ser­vices. In many cases with the simp­lest of means: a came­ra, a micro­pho­ne, a You­Tube chan­nel. In addi­ti­on, the groups and cir­cles dis­co­ver­ed ways of com­mu­ni­ca­ting via MS Teams or ZOOM.

Now, after the pan­de­mic, digi­tal for­mats have beco­me estab­lished in many muni­ci­pa­li­ties. The digi­tal com­mit­ment is visi­ble in the num­ber of visi­tors and inte­rest in church life, with church ser­vices via live audio and video stream and mee­tings via con­fe­rence platforms.

Stream­box­stu­di­os live streaming

We are hap­py to advi­se paris­hes when it comes to set­ting up their own audio and video live strea­ming. We help to ensu­re that the Sun­day ser­vice is broad­cast relia­bly and attrac­tively on a chan­nel of your choice. As an end-to-end pro­vi­der, we rea­li­ze pro­fes­sio­nal live streams for church com­mu­ni­ties.

Kel­zen­berg parish streams

With around 1600 parishio­ners, the Pro­tes­tant parish of Kel­zen­berg is one of the smal­ler paris­hes in the Pro­tes­tant Church in the Rhi­ne­land (EKiR).

The focal point of the lively Kel­zen­berg church com­mu­ni­ty, which is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by a clear pro­fi­le, is the Sun­day church ser­vice. While around 200 peo­p­le atten­ded the Sun­day ser­vice befo­re the pan­de­mic, the num­ber of visi­tors fell abrupt­ly to zero during the pandemic.

In order to be able to con­ti­nue cele­bra­ting church ser­vices despi­te the asso­cia­ted rest­ric­tions, a dedi­ca­ted You­Tube chan­nel was set up short­ly after the start of the first lock­down and used for the Sun­day live stream. First with one came­ra, then with two came­ra angles. Groups also met via ZOOM.

The expe­ri­ence was so good that a team of four vol­un­teers now streams both audio and video every Sun­day. Insights here.

Face­book Live Streaming

Have you ever thought about Face­book Live to impro­ve your visi­bi­li­ty on social media? Face­book Live strea­ming gets six times more atten­ti­on than regu­lar vide­os on Face­book and can give your web­site a wel­co­me boost in the Face­book algo­rithm.

More and more com­pa­nies are using Face­book Live as an indis­pensable tool to get noti­ced. Face­book Live is a valuable addi­ti­on to your mar­ke­ting mix if you want to expand your brand and increase awareness.

What is Face­book Live?

If you install the Face­book Live soft­ware, you can stream to your fol­lo­wers in real time from your lap­top, tablet or smart­phone. Your view­ers will pro­ba­b­ly noti­ce that this is a home­ma­de pro­duc­tion, as often only the basic opti­ons are used. You also have to get to grips with all the tech­ni­cal obs­ta­cles on your own and work around them in par­al­lel to your actu­al performance.

Why not hire professionals?

Stream­box­stu­di­os can pro­du­ce any Face­book Live strea­ming ses­si­on you want. You real­ly should­n’t miss out on our oppor­tu­ni­ties to pre­sent yours­elf in the best sound and best image.

Sin­ce its launch in 2016, Face­book Live has beco­me a popu­lar way to increase awa­re­ness on social media. Sin­ce then, the­re have been more than 3.5 mil­li­on live broad­casts. During a Face­book Live broad­cast, view­ers can inter­act with you and your con­tent using emo­jis or comments.

What does Face­book Live offer?

Make your con­tent as inte­res­t­ing as pos­si­ble, be it infor­ma­ti­ve, enter­tai­ning or both. Your ima­gi­na­ti­on is your only limi­ta­ti­on, but here are five ide­as to help you get started:

  • Ques­ti­on and ans­wer sessions
  • Real-time tuto­ri­als
  • Make a news announcement
  • Stream your actu­al event live
  • Ans­wer ques­ti­ons and comm­ents about your blog

Ques­ti­on and ans­wer sessions

If you are an expert in your field, you can plan a Q&A event whe­re view­ers can ask you ques­ti­ons in real time and you can ans­wer them immediately.

Real-time tuto­ri­als

View­ers love givea­ways. Offe­ring a free tuto­ri­al on a spe­ci­fic task that your audi­ence is strugg­ling with can be bene­fi­ci­al for you and your brand while hel­ping tho­se who are wat­ching. You can also use the­se tuto­ri­als to ans­wer ques­ti­ons. This fur­ther streng­thens inte­rest in you and your brand.

Make a news announcement

Do you have a new pro­duct or ser­vice and can hard­ly wait to tell the world about it? Why not announ­ce it on Face­book Live? Remem­ber to keep sha­ring links and offe­ring clear, regu­lar calls-to-action to impro­ve conversions.

Stream your actu­al event live

If you are orga­ni­zing a live event, be it an award cerem­o­ny, a pre­sen­ta­ti­on or a trade fair, stream this event via live stream and thus ensu­re addi­tio­nal atten­ti­on. Show your audi­ence what they have missed if they have not atten­ded the live event.

Ans­wer ques­ti­ons and comm­ents about your blog

A Q&A ses­si­on is a gre­at solu­ti­on if you’­re strugg­ling to keep up with all the ques­ti­ons you recei­ve on your blog. Ins­tead of working through each one indi­vi­du­al­ly, plan a Face­book Live event ins­tead. Ans­wer fre­quent­ly asked ques­ti­ons in a sin­gle stream and increase live enga­ge­ment at the same time. If someone mis­ses the live strea­ming, he/she can repeat it later at any time. You can also share the Face­book Live stream on your New Arri­vals page.

Using Face­book Live

Get­ting star­ted with Face­book Live is pret­ty easy. Click on the Live video opti­on next to the sta­tus update on your page. You can then wri­te a descrip­ti­on for your Face­book live­stream and sel­ect your tar­get group. Broad­cast in public mode or rest­rict it to cer­tain sel­ec­ted subscribers.

Howe­ver, the­re is more to a sophisti­ca­ted pre­sen­ta­ti­on. When it comes to qua­li­ty, cont­act the Stream­box­stu­di­os team.

Advan­ta­ges and dis­ad­van­ta­ges of Face­book Live

Face­book Live boosts awa­re­ness, bols­ters your pro­fi­le and gives you more influence on the Face­book algo­rith­ms. It is also free of char­ge. The down­si­de of Face­book Live is that you may encoun­ter tech­ni­cal issues that affect your engagement.

Book launch in the livestream

Publi­shing a book is an important and exci­ting time for any aut­hor, and you want to publi­ci­ze your work as wide­ly as pos­si­ble. Live strea­ming allows you to reach a wider audi­ence than “just” the per­so­nal participants.

With a suc­cessful live­stream, you can expand your fan base and increase sales. Stream­box­stu­di­os can help you put tog­e­ther a book launch live­stream so you can share your book with the world even faster.

Live strea­ming is beco­ming incre­asing­ly important in order to reach Inter­net users of all ages. Inte­res­ted par­ties who are unable to attend your event in per­son will still get the fee­ling of being the­re thanks to a high-qua­li­ty live stream.

Book pre­sen­ta­ti­on in the live stream:

  • Extend your reach to new and exis­ting readers
  • Use the recor­ding to pro­du­ce adver­ti­sing mate­ri­al that you can use afterwards
  • give your rea­ders the fee­ling of closeness
  • Add an attrac­ti­ve com­po­nent to your mar­ke­ting strategy

Crea­ting a suc­cessful live stream for the book launch

A suc­cessful live­stream requi­res more than just swit­ching on a came­ra. Trust the mul­ti-pro­fes­sio­nal team at Stream­box­stu­di­os to crea­te a vir­tu­al event expe­ri­ence for your rea­ders.

To achie­ve the best result for your event, you need …

  • an uncom­pli­ca­ted regis­tra­ti­on and log­in pro­cess for participants,
  • a powerful and relia­ble Inter­net connection,
  • com­pe­tent came­ra and sound peo­p­le and
  • the opti­ons for inter­ac­ting with vir­tu­al guests.

The Stream­box­stu­di­os team offers high-qua­li­ty video ser­vices for book pre­sen­ta­ti­ons on all major social media plat­forms. We have ever­y­thing you need to make your book pre­sen­ta­ti­on a vir­tu­al success.

Sel­ec­tion of a platform

We can pro­fes­sio­nal­ly stream con­tent to any social media chan­nel of your choice. At the same time if you wish.

Some of the most popu­lar plat­forms are:

Face­book Live. Levera­ge your exis­ting fol­lo­wers on Face­book and attract users from all cor­ners of the plat­form. Face­book enables real-time enga­ge­ment and simp­le advertising.

You­Tube Live. You­Tube offers hel­pful func­tions such as sche­du­ling and a live chat room. In addi­ti­on, anyo­ne can join with a link.

Insta­gram Live. Insta­gram is a popu­lar plat­form with a lar­ge num­ber of glo­bal users. You have fewer opti­ons than with other plat­forms, but it’s easy to use and share.

Twitch. Twitch is a popu­lar plat­form for gamers and the per­fect plat­form if your audi­ence spends a lot of time there.

Why work with Streamboxstudios?

Stream­box­stu­di­os can help you sel­ect sui­ta­ble plat­forms for your book pre­sen­ta­ti­on. be hel­pful. We pro­vi­de you with a cus­to­mi­zed video production.

Our pro­duc­tions are web and mobi­le-fri­end­ly. Test runs befo­re the plan­ned event eli­mi­na­te tech­ni­cal pro­blems and ensu­re that ever­y­thing runs smoothly.

As we record your event, you can make it available as video-on-demand on the same day.

Take advan­ta­ge of the exper­ti­se of the Stream­box­stu­di­os team and let us advi­se and actively sup­port you from the very first minu­te. Cont­act us today to find out more about how we can help you!

Düs­sel­dorf Rea­ding Festival

In 2020 and 2021, the pro­gram of the Düs­sel­dorf Rea­ding Fes­ti­val was rea­li­zed in who­le or in part via live­streams. Rea­ding loca­ti­ons included the Düs­sel­dorf Cen­tral Libra­ry and indi­vi­du­al rea­ding rooms in Düs­sel­dorf ele­men­ta­ry school.

The Stream­box­stu­di­os team was respon­si­ble for the smooth tech­ni­cal imple­men­ta­ti­on of the streams, which were broad­cast from the rea­ding room of Düs­sel­dor­f’s cen­tral libra­ry and from rooms in Düs­sel­dor­f’s ele­men­ta­ry school. The most­ly young view­ers were able to fol­low the rea­ding via YouTube.

The books pre­sen­ted included “Ben and Teo” by Mar­tin Balt­scheit and “The Yel­low Cra­ne” by Patrick Salmen.

Go live on AMAZON

Ama­zon Live is a live strea­ming plat­form pro­vi­ded by Ama­zon that enables brands and com­pa­nies to pre­sent their pro­ducts and enga­ge with cus­to­mers in real time.

Here are some advan­ta­ges of using Ama­zon Live:

  • Increased pro­duct visi­bi­li­ty: Ama­zon Live enables brands to pre­sent their pro­ducts to mil­li­ons of Ama­zon cus­to­mers. This helps to increase pro­duct visi­bi­li­ty and awareness.
  • Real-time enga­ge­ment: Ama­zon Live allows sel­lers and poten­ti­al buy­ers to inter­act in real time. This increa­ses trust and cus­to­mer satisfaction.
  • Hig­her sales: As poten­ti­al cus­to­mers can buy direct­ly from the live stream, Ama­zon Live increa­ses sales. Also think about impul­se purchases.
  • Impro­ved cus­to­mer expe­ri­ence: Ama­zon Live helps to pro­vi­de cus­to­mers with an impro­ved shop­ping expe­ri­ence by deli­ve­ring valuable pro­duct infor­ma­ti­on and insights. Cus­to­mer loyal­ty and satis­fac­tion are increasing.
  • Cost-effec­ti­ve mar­ke­ting: The­re are no fees for using the plat­form and com­pa­nies can use exis­ting pro­duct images and vide­os for their live stream content.

Ama­zon Live con­tri­bu­tes to pro­duct visi­bi­li­ty, impro­ves cont­act with end cus­to­mers, increa­ses sales and impro­ves the cus­to­mer expe­ri­ence and offers a cost-effec­ti­ve mar­ke­ting solu­ti­on. It is a powerful tool for brands loo­king to expand their reach and grow their busi­ness on Amazon.

The mul­ti-pro­fes­sio­nal team at Stream­box­stu­di­os sup­ports you in set­ting up and ope­ra­ting your own Ama­zon Live chan­nel. This appli­es to both con­cep­tu­al and tech­ni­cal aspects.

We will be hap­py to pro­fes­sio­nal­ly stage you and your pro­ducts in our stu­dio. We pro­vi­de attrac­ti­ve light­ing, inte­res­t­ing came­ra angles, per­fect sound and the right visua­liza­ti­on.